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Rainy Days: Make a Splash!

Singing in the Rain? You will be if you’ve sporting some fashion forward rainwear. Say goodbye to licensed cartoon characters and insect designs and hello to rainwear that is as stylish as the clothes worn underneath. - Read More...

“Oil & Water” Takes the Kids Fashion World by Storm

On the evolutionary chain of children’s rain gear, there isn’t exactly a staggering amount of change. If you look at family photos and magazines from the 1950s up to today, you’ll probably notice that children’s rain gear looks very much the same... Read the full...

O&W Collaborates with Designer Tawfik Mounayer

This spring, Oil & Water children’s rainwear will debut its ‘In Full Bloom’ collection featuring exclusive prints by designer Tawfik Mounayer. Perhaps best known for his clothing line Tribune Standard and his design work for Isaac Mizrahi, Mounayer collaborated...


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